HSCHS (THS) School Song


Loyal and true we pledge  allegiance to you,
this is our motto, we are one for all and all
for old Thermopolis, here's to our school
and on the high may she rule.
for evermore you will find us, always
Loyal and true.



>Robin, >In case someone forgot the words, Roger Glass sent them in (attached.)   /s/ Garey Shelley 9/6/01

RG:  Well yes, I had forgotten them more or less.   I do remember we all would finish with a group cheer something like
"Purple and Gold, fight fight, Purple and Gold, fight, fight, who fight, we fight,  or some such... and more but I cant remember what......    

 pump em up time!!!   Lets get some cheerleaders to make a .wav or .mp3 for us !!??     /s/ Robin 9/8/01

Note:   We had a link to this song that when you viewed this page it would play on your PC.   
It was a link to a song (.WAV) file held on the THS site someplace, and they dumped it.  
So its gone.    If any of you have a copy of the song in digital format, we would love to use it here!