Top/left to right: Bill Jones, Otis Nelson, J.R. Cowger, Charles Becker, Garey Shelley, Landis Boyer, Ron Johnston
Middle/left to right: Nancy (Pitt) McCloed , Ron Brown, Ruth (Brown) Schur , Anita (Stout) Nickasch, Loy (Christenson) Anderson,Carol (Sloan) Downing, Tom Walsh, Gary Keil, Jim Skelton, Charis (Stevens) Kemper, Roger Glass, Darlene (Long) Skelton
Bottom/left to right: Rodney Harris, Nancy (Richmond) Scott, Jacque (Skelton) Johnson, Billie Lou (Bunch) Bruckner, Jeannie (Dickeson) Busch, Louis (Collins) Quintana, Rita (Christenson) Walsh, Mary Anne (Crouch) Keil, Nancy (Brunk) Lewis, Madge (Marcott) Pilster, Charlene (Shafer)White, Patty (Vannoy) Highland

"This same Flower that smiles today....."
Mary Anne (Crouch) Keil, Loy (Christenson) Anderson, Jeannie (Dickeson) Busch,
----,Isabel Jacobs, Rita (Christenson) Walsh

...A little older, but much wiser....
Hey, We're ready for anything
Rodney Harris, Bill Jones, Roger Glass, Landis Boyer, Ron Johnston

Chowing Down
Seated: Landis Boyer, Ron Johnston, Mary Anne (Crouch) Keil, Gary Keil, Patti (Vannoy) Highland

Don Busch (seated left); Mickey White (upraised coke); Charlene (Shafer) White; Jeannie (Dickeson) Busch (seated right foreground)

Tom and Rita (Christensen) Walsh

Charles Becker (stripes)

Bill Jones & Rodney Harris

Madge (Marcott) Pilster (standing); Skip Halbert (seated left foreground); J.R. Cowger; Garey Shelley

Garey Shelley

Gary Keil