More THS60 PIX  !!



Robin,  Looks like some people jump conclusions in  a single bound!!  Thanks for asking for the pictures.  I assume you'll put the names on the site of those in the pictures.  Some people might not remember back that far!!  HA HA ....  I guess it really isn't a guy thing after all...just good visual memories...   Bill
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Hi Robin,
Heres a picture for the web site.  It was taken at Homecoming 1960.  I'm driving, of course, Delores Patik and Barry Richmond were Homecoming "King & Queen".  I'll send the Hamiltom Pictures to you again in another "e" mail.
Be cool, take care of yourself!!



The picture he really sent was much larger.    If you wish to see it, clik on the the pic above and be patient..  it will be worth your while.     These can be downloaded if you like... right click on em and choose saveas.. and have a ball.

Here is a cropping from the above, with focus on the folks on the bleachers...