Identification is at best a guess, and many missing.   Help us if you can !!

Class of 1960 First Grade
            Section 1 
Top (4th) Row: ?,  Albert Zorko,  Don Hayes., ?, ?, John Allen, Lyndon Milek.
 3rd Row:  Bill Merrill,  ?, Janice Thomas,  Pat McKone, 6th from left, Nancy Mayfield
 2nd Row: Connie Satterfield,  Kiersten Olson, Janet Longwell, ?,
Colleen Fisher, ?, Zoe Ann Zimmerman.
 1st Row: Jack Hurley,  Doug Nelson, ? , ? , Jeremy Hayek

Class of 1960 Second Grade
            Section 1

Top Row: Leonard Shafer, Doug Thronburg, ?, Don Hayes, Wendell Crow, Bill Merrill, ?, Joe Graham, ? Phillips, and Mrs. Tschiffely.
Middle Row: Jeremy Hayek, Albert Zorko?, John Shelp, Janet Longwell, Janet Sue Ahlquist, ?, John Allen, Lyndon Milek, ?
Bottom Row: ?, Nancy Mayfield, Janice Freudenthal, Kiersten Olson, Pat McKone, Janice Thomas, ?, Connie Satterfield.
Seated on Ground: Terry Edkard, ?, Charlie Realing, Doug Nelson, Jackie Hurley, Harold Mauch, Hans ?.

Class of 1960 Third Grade
            Section 1

Top Row:  ?, John Allen, Leonard Shafer, Lyndon Milek, Jerry Papka, Joe Graham, and O.B. Ready.
2nd Row:  Connie Satterfield, ?, Zoe Ann Zimmerman, Janice Thomas, Bonnie Anderson, Janet Longwell, ?, and Pat McKone.
Bottom Row:  Doug Nelson, Jackie Young, and Harold Mauch.

Class of 1960 Third Grade
            Section 2

Top Row:  Douglas Thronburg, Billy Merrill, Roger Carroll, John Shelp, Albert Zorko, Donnie Hayes, Eddie Brookshire, and Robin Galyan.  Teacher:  Mrs. Elizabeth Sizemore.
Middle Row:  Ruth Blaschler, Kirsten Olson, Janice Freudenthal, Margo Frank, Janet Thomas, Doreen Snyder, and Sally Clegg.
Bottom Row:  Charles Realing, Jackie Hurley, Jimmy Milek, and John Martin

Class of 60 Fourth Grade
            Section 1
Top Row:  Jerry Papka, John Shelp, Jack Wise, Joe Graham, John Allen, Bill Merrill, and Jeremy Hayek.
2nd Row:  Jackie Hurley, Doug Nelson, Billy Bird, Butch McGuire, Janet Sue Ahlquist, Don Hayes, Leonard Shafer, Robin Galyan, ?.
3rd Row:  ?, Roberta Kyser, Janice Thomas, Kiersten Olson, Pat McKone, Zoe Ann Zimmerman, and Colleen Fisher.
Bottom Row:  ?, ?

Class of 1960 Fifth Grade
            Section 1
Top Row: Joe Graham, Fred Shelley, Jack Kuiper, Jimmy Christensen, Bill Merrill, Charlie Realing, Miss Bessie Gillies.
 Middle Row: Eddie Brookshire, Donnie Hayes, Janice Freudenthal, Linda (It looks like Charlie has the initial "J", what is the last name?), Robin Galyan, Doug Nelson, Doug Thronburg.
 Bottom Row: Kenny Lou Martin, Patsy Lawrence, Charlene Odde, Frances Bury, Bonnie Anderson, Kay (Charlie has "C" for last initial, what is the last name?), Connie Satterfield, and Carol (what is the last name?).

Class of 1960 Sixth Grade
            Section 2

Top Row: ?, Doug Nelson, Dale McKiernan, Jerry Papka, Lyndon Milek, Bill Merrill, ?,?, Teacher- Roy Burrows
Middle Row: Jerry?, ?, Jim Milek,?, Delores Patik, ?,?,Charlie Realing
Bottom Row: ?,?,?,?,?,?,Zoe Anne Zimmerman,?

    Class of 1960 Sixth Grade
            Section 3

Top Row:  John Giannino, Joe Graham, Jack Wise, Jimmy Christensen, Albert Zorko, Doug Thronburg, and Bill Howard.
2nd Row:  Jeremy Hayek, Benny Lee Gary, Pat McKone, Colleen Fisher, Frances Bury, Kiersten Olson, Ed Brookshire, and teacher Kathleen O'Mara.
Bottom Row:  Kenny Lou Martin, Connie Satterfield, Bonnie Anderson, Genevieve Hoffman, Linda Collins, Janice Freudenthal, Kathy Hudgeons, and Sally Clegg.

Class of 1960 Seventh Grade
            Section 2

Top Row:  Charlie Realing, Jack Brooks, Albert Zorko, Bonnie Anderson, Janice Freudenthal, Janice Thomas, Colleen Fisher, Judy Gillaspy, Jack Wise, Dale McKiernan and Mrs. Yasgar.
Middle Row:  Janice Bendlin, Edna Nicholson, Sharon Lang, Janet Sue Ahlquist, Roberta Orr, Christine Haney, Kirsten Olson, Sally Clegg, and Roberta Keiser.
Bottom Row:  Kenny Lou Martin, Janet Longwell, Genevieve Ferguson, Linda Collins, Frances Bury, Connie Satterfield, and Kathy Hudgeons.

Class of 1960 Seventh Grade
            Section 3

Top Row:  Fred Shelley, John Shelp, Dave Kennedy, Jim Christensen, Jack Kuiper, Dick Wiley, and ?.
2nd Row:  ?, O.B. Ready, Butch McGuire, Vince Hurtado, ?, Jerry Papka, Joe Graham, Larry Barham, Jerry?, and teacher Jack Beard.
Bottom Row:  Jackie Hurley, Ryan Tangney, ?, ?, Genevieve Hoffman, Nancy Mayfield, and Robin Galyan.

Class of 1960 Eighth Grade
            Section 1

Top Row: Albert Zorko, Fred Shelley, Bill Merrill, Jack Kuiper, John Shelp Doug Nelson, Jack Navokovich, Charlie Realing, Teacher-Hank Cabre
Middle Row: Ed Brookshire, Jeremy Hayek, Ryan Tagney, Zo Anne Zimmerman, ?, Bonnie Anderson, ?, ?,
Bottom Row: Pat McKone, Sally Klegg,?, ?Collins, Delores Patik, Janet Sue Ahlquist, ?,?,

Class of 1960 Eighth Grade
            Section 2

Top Row:  Ted Novakovich, John Giannino, Don Hayes, Dick McAfee, Jim Starrs, Jack Brooks, Joe Graham, Dale McKiernan, and
teacher Hank Cabre
2nd Row:  Colleen Fisher, Delores Dennison,Marcia Stevens, Connie Satterfield, Betty Shoopman, Kay "Bunny" Baker, Janet ?, and Charlene Odde.
3rd Row:  ?, ?, ?, Genevieve Ferguson, ?, Frances Bury, Kiersten Olson, and ?.

Bottom Row:  ?, Jimmy Milek, and ?. 

Row 1: Sharon Love, Kay Barnett, Joan Cestnik, ? , Steve Jepson, Kay Millard, Tom Walsh, Eddie Brookshire, and Mr. Norquist, or Nyquist (sp?)
Row 2: Paul Conner, Elvis Tippets, ? , ? , Jay Gifford, ? , ? , Ashby Tippets, Jim Milek, Charles Realing, Kathryn Jones
Row 3: John Raicevich, ? , ? , Steve Kyser, George Shaner, Donnell Anderson, Don Hayes, Ronnie Sanders, Lyndon Milek
Row 4: ? , Pat McKone, Patti Burnell, ? , Colleen Fisher, Zoe Ann Zimmerman,Judy Gillespie, Roger Carroll, Doug Nelson, ?
Row 5: ? , ? , Cleta Myers, Kathy Brookshire, Bonnie Anderson, Roberta Kyser,     ? , ? , Riena Bent
Row 6: ? , Sandra Reynolds, Loy Christensen, Barbara Bruce, Delores Patik, ? , Kathy Hudgeons, Janice Freudenthal, Patsy Lawrence, Charlene Ode
Row 7: ? , Carol Sloan, Connie Gloyd, ? , ? , Linda Collins, Sally Clegg, ? ,        Rita Christensen, ?
Row 8: ? , Phil Crouch, Frank Jones, ? , Jeremy Hayek, Bob Realing, Albert Zorco, Linda Jones, ? , ? , ?

Thanks to all those who saved and sent us these photos and those that could identify us!   I think the biggest contributors to that endeavor is Ann Graham Robinson,   Joe Graham's little sister (class of 66 ?) who we possibly remember as a little twirp.  And then also Bill Merrill who somehow has a great memory for these things.   Others have contributed as well,  but these two stand out as helping the most.  Thanks to both of them are due !!