.....WE REMEMBER....
Fred was one of those rare individuals whose natural athletic abilities and leadership qualities attracted many friends. First of all, let me say I have known him all my life, but I first noticed the difference between him and others at a cub scout track meet when we were about 8 and 7 respectively. Fred won every single event - hands down. Being a pudgy waddler at that time I was awestricken - he became someone to emulate, and throughout the years we remained close. Sometimes, however, when he would pummel me up alongside the head, I wished he wasn't quite so strong or quick. We spent many pleasurable hours just tossing a football around or hanging out together. Upon graduation, I followed Fred and Robin Galyan to Sacramento. The first trip out was one I will never forget--we took Robin's old Studebaker on the southerly route through Ely, Nevada, having many adventures before finally arriving. We hopped freights, hitch-hiked and thought ourselves merry adventurers. The cold, the heat, the hunger has long since been forgotten only to be replaced by the warm glow of comaraderie.

Upon my return from the service we spent many great hours writing short stories and poetry together as well as discussing many deep philosophical questions that were better off left unasked. Later, our numerous dinner meetings were a great source of contentment. His disappearance has left a chasm that will never be filled. ... until we meet again, bro...... Garey Shelley

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