45th Reunion class of 1960
           Summer of 2005

 2005 Reunion, what a blast.     Possibly this page will end up a collection of some of those stories and pictures from that great time.

Many Folks took pictures, and promised to send them in for us to put up on the site.  Send em in!

First, here is the group photo that the local photographer took.   The white bleed at the edges is his issue, not mine,
I thought I was having scanner problems, but if you bought one of his prints you will see it on the edges.  This was taken just before our dinner at the Holiday Inn Indian Room.   The taking of this photo was quite fun, we all were joking around a lot, and a couple of us old geezers about fell off the wall we were standing on in the back.  

Class of 1960 Group Photo 2005


Here is a key to the above, forwarded to us from John and Wanda Shelp who I think got us all sorted out fine!
(Gee,  its interesting having a number on your nose!   Reminds me of Liars Poker somehow !)


If you want to have the large full sized copy of the original picture, click here, and be patient!

Send in your pictures and stories and we will put them up on
the site !    Dont be bashful!

So, for now gang, this is all there is!   More to come!

Robin   8/18/05

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