Thanks to the  spammers we can no longer offer an online guestbook.    Sorry it didnt work out, but it just took too much time to constantly edit the porn and garbage off our nice website.

If you ever hear of me (Robin) being in Jail, its probably due to me catching one of the Virus writers or spammers or porn guru's and breaking a leg or something (theirs not mine).    grrrrr.   Total waste of time and invasion of our privacy.  

Sorry for the soap box time, but it really upsets me,   we used the guestbook to find lost classmates!

You can read the decent stuff left up till we turned it off at:
and if you wish to leave us feedback send an email and if appropriate we will put it on!  

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We would love to help you and your old chums and classmates have your own website and your own mail-list.  Just ask!     

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