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 These are mostly old postcards and old pictures that my brothers and I collected over the years.    We cant remember who found which one, so the set will be listed under all 3 of our names ( Robin, Bruce and Brian Galyan).
 If you have some you would allow us to share, please contact us, if enough we will give you your own area!

Views of Wind River Canyon, Tunnels, and Dam Cafe area

Wind River Canyon

A view of the canyon - before the roads were paved.

Aerial View of Wind River Canyon

Wind River Canyon tunnels - early 50's

Blasting more rock - early 50's

The Dam Store

The Dam Privy (Home of the Pointers & Setters)
Pictures of the Town - Thermopolis, Wyoming

Early view of Thermopolis

View of Thermopolis around 1940

Thermopolis around 1948

Another view around 1948
Buildings in Thermopolis, Wyoming

The Post Office

The Emery Hotel

Another early shot of the Emery Hotel

Thermopolis Burns

Ben Laws Polka Dot Gas Station

Views from the Balyhoo Restaurant in Thermopolis, Dec 16, 2001
The Hot Springs, Teepee Fountain, Washakie & Star Plunges

Hot Springs around 1914

Hot Springs around 1918

The cone around 1947

Teepee Fountain and the Bath House

Teepee Fountain

Washakie Plunge

The Star Plunge
The Bridges
Swinging bridge, probably when it was about new.    And the main bridge into the state park, again when about new.


Swinging bridge in State Park
Local Geology of Merit


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