7 or 8 class websites now have content.  10 have mail-lists, and more are in planning!
***We need pictures and drawings of Bobcats!!! ***

Need more Reunion info?  Write Alumni Association, PO Box 66, Thermopolis, WY - 82443
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Most of us "semi-old timers" remember the "new High School" as:

It was built around 1956-1957, students moved chairs and stuff into it and first attended there about 1957.  On the right  it was attached to the old-old high school which stayed in service for many years.   Here is a picture of the old-old:

Both these last two schools are gone,  only our memories remain.
We need pictures of the Hill School...!! also gone.


This website is an unoffical gathering place for alumni and classmates that had the rare and unique distinction of sharing some school days at any of the Hot Springs County Schools in Thermopolis, Wyoming.
Here you will find old friends,  old and new stories, pictures, jokes and perhaps just have a good time.

By Dale Horkey -see more in our new
photo area.

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Want to see some Old Thermop Pictures and Old Thermop postcards click here.

This is a ongoing project of  a  website for  the domain Thermopolis.org   It is by and about and for the love of Thermopolis as remembered fondly by its alumni.  It is designed primarily as a sort of virtual gathering place for folks who went to school in Thermopolis.  It is envisioned that photos and memories and such will be put up here, perhaps sorted by graduation year, perhaps not.    The layout and design is still under discussion.  If you have any web design experience, we would welcome your assistance!

If you ever went to school in Thermopolis, then  you are eligible to join us and share your experiences!  We break the lists and websites into classes, but graduation from Thermop is not a requirement, just a guideline for where you would feel the most comfortable.   

We have mail lists, or discussion email sessions setup now for 10 classes.    For example,  if  you are a member of any of the classes that ultimately graduated in 1959, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964,1965, 1966, 1967,1969,1972 or 1973 then  click here (or use the "join Mail List" button at bottom of the list-join page) and join your fellow classmates discussion group.      Or, you can click on the archives button and go back and re-read what was said, no need to save it all on your hard drive! (Not yet available on all lists... but coming!)   The Links section is where we will build our photo galleries, and put up lists of links to Thermopolis sites of merit.  Many of those photo's are wonderful and you hopefully will really enjoy them!   The guestbook is just that, and will probably change as well over time, but do sign in and say hello!  Notice the password for it,  we had to do that to fight the dratted spammers!!   The history page is just a little blurb about how we came into being.  We run statistics programs on our larger websites so thought it might be interesting to see them for this one as well, even though we don't get as many visitors.   You might find this pretty intersting!  STATS.  

For now this main page is sort of dual purpose, it is the General intro page, and a overview.     That will change as we get the individual class pages going.    The first class with any pictures is a quickie I put up for the class of 1961 (yes I know, Im class of 1960.).   Garey Shelley overhauled it and made it look more like a real website should.   .  Mostly it is some pictures of the 2001 Reunion.   I recognized a few folks, but missed the ones that I thought would be the same. Be sure to scroll on thru them all.  Garey also helped with the 1960 site, and did the memorials up with sound and all very nicely!  It is sad that we now have to have him listed on that memorial page!


The Thermopolis.org domain, website, and associated mail lists were conceived and registered by Robin Galyan and funded totally by him initially.    After a couple years assistance with the internic and hosting fees was subsequently provided for by donations of the entire class of 1960, led by the initial generosity of Bill Merrill.  The following year the class of 1961 pitched in and helped some as well.  To those generous folks we owe our thanks!   The webdesign is done by various people, all donated time and effort.  The webspace and mail list services for this project are  graciously provided at deep discount  by Dataworld's Net-Express Internet.    If you are considering commercial hosting for your website, they would be a good place to start!  If you have some web talent, please do not hesitate to volunteer to  give us a hand!

This site is privately owned and operated and derives no benefit or support from any school, county,  state or federal funds.    This is not an "official" anything site.   The only rules are those of the webmaster.  If you want to have some say on layout, content etc,   donate some time and money to the effort and be a player!  

We would love to help you and your old chums and classmates have your own website and your own mail-list.  Just ask!     

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